Aero is an app concept that will make your travel arrangement experience easy and stress-free by providing everything you need to help you arrange & book your travels by doing price comparing, price forecasting, and accurate price estimations without leaving the app.

The Breakdown

After talking to people both in real life & through Instagram, people around my age (i.e., millennials) get overwhelmed when finding an affordable, safe, AND convenient flight & stay. So how might we make a booking, arrange flights & stays easier and more enjoyable for millennials? After interviewing multiple people between the ages of 21-30, my targeted audience is the "Millennial Wanderlust."

According to one interview participant, "Millennial Wanderlusts are people who want to travel but doesn’t want to do the grunt work of it, i.e., arranging & planning travel. These people want to get the work done and over with and will do whatever as long as they can have fun & are given a lot of opportunities and views that are 'Instagram-able.'"

After conducting multiple interviews and analyzing responses from multiple participants, the next steps were to create a mind map and a card sorting exercise based on what I've collected from my interviews.

Minimum Features

Rough brainstorm drafts

Possible Solutions